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Website Maintenance Services

Business Website and Ecommerce Website Maintenance

Web Maintenance services

Website Management is a regular ongoing process for making sure your website performs well, the content looks fresh, loads faster, and keeps up with the security updates. By offering you our cost-effective website maintenance, we keep your website updated.

Looking for the best website maintenance services for your business or e-commerce website at flexible rates on a monthly basis. Our affordable website maintenance pricing includes an Elementary plan, an Enhanced plan, and a Premium plan. You can select any plan according to your online business needs. 

Hire us for your expert website management, you get professional and skilled IT professionals that offer website management services like

  • Website updates
  • Security updates
  • copy-writing or web content maintenance
  • Backups
  • Ensuring the operational integrity of your website
  • SEO AND social media management services

A website that is not maintained regularly can possibly get attacked by hackers, run slow and maybe you can lose your data. 

We also provide timely suggestions on how to improve your website with our SEO SERVICES included in some of our packages.

Website Maintenance Packages

Our monthly packages are cost-effective and designed at an affordable price for regular updates, support, and security checks for improving web performances starting from PKR 10,000 (USD 80) per month.  

Website Maintenance Plan: Elementary Enhanced Premium
Price Rs.10,000 per month Rs.20,000 per month Rs.60,000 per month
Domain renewal check
Broken Links Scan
Page changes and additions X
Page changes and additions X
Comment Monitoring X
Downtime Report
Website Facelifts and Makeovers X
Annual Search Engine Analysis Report X X
Hosting Email Errors
Product changes and additions X
Add breaking news or upcoming events X
Bankable hours
Standard Website and Email Options
Google Analytics Report
Maintenance as Needed
Blog Posting with or without Images X X
Social Network Maintenance X X
Support Tab X
Add Photos, Graphics, Charts, and Graphs X X
Live Chat X X
25 Point Monthly Checklist
50 Point Monthly Checklist X
Full backup of your site – Weekly
SEO Services X X
SMM Services X X

Website Maintenance Services List

  • Security checks, backups, and preventative maintenance are an essential part of our plan. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with any problem that occurs on your website. 
  • At the end of a month, you’ll receive a report through which you’ll know that what has been done on your website in the past month and about its current status.
  • Our website management services have an effective security plan. It includes monthly system checks, database server modifications, and a monitored firewall. We also make sure to ban list for any received spam. 
  • Ecommerce Website Maintenance packages will also include updating product and services, Set page Titles and optimize all images. We make sure your ecommerce Store maintenance is up to the mark. 

Website Maintenance for Business

Website maintenance for business is a necessity as your website represents your business. Nowadays people are smart enough to determine your credibility by finding your website. If your website is outdated and not optimized for different devices then you can lose many business opportunities.

If your business is big or small without website maintenance your effort on your website can be a loss. A vulnerable website has become the image of your business and this is why many businesses get the best website maintenance company to maintain their website and make you worry-free from all such issues.

We offer all services under a website maintenance plan. Please check our website maintenance packages.

Website Maintenance Cost in Pakistan

Web maintenance cost in offering website maintenance services is usually between PKR 10,000 – 20,000 per month. Websites that have a lot of products or huge data their cost can go up to PKR 60,000 – 100,000 per month.

A lot of companies do not understand the importance of proper website maintenance and hire an individual or a freelance for maintaining their website. The cost of hiring a personal will get you no where between PKR 100,000 per month and additionally, you will have to monitor and guide him throughout. 

Website maintenance requires a complete team which a single person can not do. Usually, for websites like an online store, you would need a Graphic Designer, Content Writer and SEO Optimizer for making sure your product and service and user engagement on the website are up to the mark. 

This is why ecommerce website maintenance services are one of the keys and continuous backup of your website is one of the most important for becoming the leaders.

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